• Facilitative Speakers

    Aeriel and Kyle use interactive facilitative strategies to inspire action for social justice. Through playful banter and by role-modeling authenticity, the Ashlees deliver empowering keynotes for groups ranging from small teams to national conference gatherings.

  • Topic Areas

    We develop content to matches each client's specific needs. However, if you're looking to get a better sense of the types of topics we address in our work, here's a list to get you started!


    • VITAL Stories: Social Justice in Everyday Life
    • Story-sharing and Self-Work: The Power of Vulnerability in Social Justice
    • There is No Hierarchy of Oppression
    • You are the Revolution: You Already Know How to Create Change
    • Healing as Empowerment: Self-Care is Central to Social Justice


    Interested in working with the Ashlees? Send us a booking inquiry to find out about our fees, availability, and how we can add value to your organization!